Black and White Bathrooms in Vintage Style

Employing black touches for black and white bathrooms may be to polish the interior decoration and to improve the comfortable nuance. The accents can be for the flooring, walling, and ceiling, and can also be for the furnishing and bathroom accessories. Black and white interior is getting popular for modern home, but it has actually existed for many years. For the vintage bathroom, here we have some examples of the best vintage bathroom in black and white interior collection.

Some of these pictures of black and white bathrooms vintage present how you can have black accent for the flooring. Floor tiles are in close relation with the vintage style, indeed. The most popular tiles are the white flooring with some black dots on it. However, gently cover the floor in black will create an amazing presentation. The full black flooring will be better to be decorated with white trims. Full black flooring is recommended for you who have spacious bathroom, not for the small one. White wall tiles are also well-known for vintage interior. Black decorative trims can be added both horizontally or vertically.

White bathroom furniture looks perfect for the interior. It looks clean and you must keep it clean. Routine maintenance for white furniture should be done because when it goes dirt, it looks so bad. That is why adding black bathroom furniture is also recommended. Built in tub with black wooden panel is good to work with the traditional black vanity and shelving unit. White marble, then, completes the presentation for a luxury look. If you do not like to add this black furniture, dark gray touches for the tub and dark mirrored vanity with white sink can be the solution.

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Besides adding black furniture, employing bathroom accessories in black is also a good job. Black wall mirror above the vanity, wall lamp with black shades, black shelving unit, and black pipes are some detail accessories that you should also pay attention to. Decorating the white vanity with black horizontal trim or the white tub with black crafted feet, one of black and white bathrooms ideas, will also make you have a delightful interior coloring scheme.

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