Contemporary Bathroom Lighting Supported with Mirrors

Conversing about bathroom interior, you should not pass the contemporary bathroom lighting. It is important to create more stunning interior decoration. It also helps the vanity become the focal point of your bathroom. Completed with mirrors on the wall above the vanity, the presentation will be much more interesting. Sparkling lighting is reflected for more blazing look. There are some kinds of lighting you may add. Wall lamps, ceiling lamps and hidden lighting are amazing for bathroom decor. Natural lighting is also a nice choice.

Traditional interior, especially for bathroom, is in close relation with the installation of wall lamps. Commonly, they are mounted next to the mirrors. This idea also works for the contemporary bathroom. Instead of having sconces, for bold contemporary bathroom lighting ideas, some straight wall lamps seem to be better. You can install them next to, under, and on top part of the mirrors. Then, see how the lighting is splashed and reflected. It will be great if you have a white countertop. Glossy finishing will make more sparkling look.

Installing ceiling lamps is another option for bathroom lighting. The lamps can be installed on or hung from the ceiling. Modern small rounded lamps on ceiling should be installed right over the vanity. Some pendant lamps or chandelier can also be other options. Having two suspended lamps at the right and left edges over the vanity is perfect. But some pieces of pendant lights can be more surprising. The more important thing is to pay attention to the lamp shades design. Unique shaping will offer more imposing look than the minimalist hanging bulbs.

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For stylish look, hidden lighting can be the appropriate idea. You can have it under the floating vanity or even behind the wall mirrors. Then, for minimalist and energy efficient ideas, natural lighting is perfect. White interior is perfect to be supported with this lighting which commonly comes through the windows. Floor to ceiling windows or some windows above the vanity is perfect. That is why, based on these contemporary bathroom lighting ideas photos, it is recommended to have the vanity next to some windows.

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