Modern Bathroom Designs Blowing Up This Year

There are some ideas of modern bathroom designs that will be so popular in this 2016. The first part is floor tiles feature. Besides you can present imposing patterns, you can also showcase a surprising colorful accent with the tiles for a better interior look. Unusual patterned tiles offer interesting image for both small and spacious bathrooms. You can also play with different sized tiles. What you should consider, especially for the small bathroom, is avoiding bigger size and dominant dark color which create smaller sense of the space.

Natural touch deserves to be one of popular modern bathroom designs. Not only presenting outside green and some vegetation or flowers inside the bathroom, you can also employ some natural materials, such as wood, stone, onyx, marble, etc. Marble is also perfect for a luxury image. Still related to natural items, plant life is also one of favorite items to be invited inside your bathroom. Covering some part of the wall with refreshing green is interesting, not only for calming vibe but also for presenting an unpredictable interior. Then, your bathtub should be next to the wall with green.

Bathroom in spacious bedroom is another perfect 2016 trend. Designing the bathroom directly connected to bedroom will let you have a perfect relaxation spot in your home. You can complete your relaxation by taking a soak and then laying your body on the bed. For more comfortable experience, easy to control water system is one of the most important things you should have in your bathroom. By simply tapping the touchscreen operation buttons, you can adjust the water flow and water temperature.

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For the bathroom furniture, you need to have freestanding bathtub and custom vanity. Freestanding tub also offers you to easily move this stuff from a spot to another spot inside the bathroom. Custom vanity may add style in your bathroom. Sleek endless design, minimalist design and the floating design are interesting. White, gray and wood is some nice hues for modern bathroom. The following modern bathroom designs pictures also let you know how you combine and arrange the tub, vanity and some other pieces of bathroom furniture.

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