Modern Bathroom Lighting while Presenting Stunning Image

Sometimes, it is not enough to have a simple ceiling light for the modern bathroom lighting. You may add and support the light with some of these lighting units, such as chandelier, wall lamps, sconces, hidden lamps, etc. Recessed lighting is also important for a relaxing bathroom. Replace the too bright lighting with this one for serene ambiance you can have. Then, in what occasion you may have those lighting items? Here are some exemplary pictures to share with you.

Inviting the classic soul to your modern bathroom can be by installing chandelier. The best modern bathroom lighting ideas with chandelier is when you have wallpaper decorating the bathroom wall. Sophisticated pattern of the wallpaper may decorate the simple white room painting. Chandelier add luxury look for this room. There are some designs you can have to match with this need. Glass chandelier is the perfect solution for an elegant or luxury look. A spider-like chandelier is also stunning to create something new for a simple plain interior. God accent for the chandelier matches the current interior design trend and it looks captivating.

Besides chandelier, pendant light is another option for a hanging lighting. Why you should pick the hanging lighting is because you want to maximize the use of space you have in your bathroom. It is also safer than a standing floor lamp which also takes more space where it is located. Sconces are other preferences you may love to add. They are commonly installed next to the wall mirrors which are mounted above vanity. Two sconces are good but a single arch sconce right above the mirror, at the center point, is perfect.

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Recessed lighting can be supported with hidden lamps. They are commonly installed under floating vanity. However, a backsplash or space between vanity and mirror is also interesting to add this hidden style lamp. The section partly covers the light is one that adjust the lighting to result a soft emission. Glass cover is also great for softer lighting. In addition, it also supports the interior design in modern style. These modern bathroom lighting ideas photos will give you more inspiration.

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