Amazing Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets Designs for Beauty and Function

Contemporary design style is often characterized for being minimalist, clean, and sleek, however it does not mean this particular design style is painfully simple and plain. The same serves for the contemporary kitchen cabinets, where the minimalism is incorporated in a truly stylish manner for a totally awe-striking kitchen storage unit. After all, remember that kitchen cabinet’s presence is never hard to notice, so chances are you will always want your modern contemporary kitchen cabinets to be both functional and stunning for the eye.

Options for Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to shopping for new contemporary kitchen cabinets, you have plenty of options to choose. The contemporary kitchen cabinets design can vary from the color, style, material, and such. As for this part, though, we will focus on the different types of kitchen cabinets you are likely to find when you are on the market, including when you are shopping around for the new contemporary kitchen cabinets.

The first option is stock cabinet. Stock contemporary kitchen cabinets refer to the most basic type of cabinets with no frills. Even though the contemporary design style itself minimizes the use of decorative accessories, the stock cabinets use no decoration at all—hence you can spot the difference. This makes a recommended option if you are on a budget as stock kitchen cabinets are known for being the least expensive choice, aside from the discount contemporary kitchen cabinets. Even so, you will be limited on the choices of color, door styles, and finish. If you wish to finish your kitchen cabinets yourself to save money and to spend the holidays for a fun DIY project, opting for the stock cabinets can make a great choice.

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And then we have the semi-custom contemporary kitchen cabinets. They are available with more options and details offered, such as side panels, glass doors, molding installed on the bottom edges, and crown molding. Unlike stock cabinets, there more options in color, finish, and styles offered as you decide to go with the semi-custom kitchen cabinets. They can also make an interesting choice for you who want to spend less and wish to finish the cabinets yourself later at home. Even though semi-custom kitchen cabinets have more options offered, they are not as abundant as the custom made contemporary kitchen cabinets options.

Last but not least, if you decide to go with the custom made contemporary kitchen cabinets, the sky is your limit. This kitchen cabinet option practically offers you anything you have been dreaming of to build the perfect kitchen cabinets for you. Basically, the custom made can be considered as ordering and building the storage units from scratch as you can order yours in any size or dimensions to fit specific spaces. When customizing, let’ say, your white contemporary kitchen cabinets, you can choose from a myriad of features incorporated later by the high quality workmanship.

Even so, bear in mind that this is often considered as the most expensive option. The more customization you desire, the more expensive the cabinets will be. It doesn’t mean you cannot save money with custom made cabinets, though. For example, you can push the features as minimum as possible and instead focus on building a kitchen storage unit to meet your unique kitchen space requirement.

Inspiring Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets

There are many ideas and inspirations if you want to incorporate the contemporary kitchen cabinets into your kitchen design. Without a doubt, this will highly depend on your kitchen interior design and layout. You can arrange the cabinets alongside the walls or create a streamlined look that is popular in a contemporary kitchen. For a streamlined look, remember that you will need to have the design surfaces continuous and almost seamless. For example, opt for kitchen cabinets which door design style appears virtually disappear into your kitchen wall, featuring plenty of storage space in an undisrupted span.

For the contemporary kitchen cabinets, remember that stainless steel is not your only option to decorate the storage unit. Just because you need to maintain the sleek look and cleanliness, it doesn’t mean everything needs to look stark. Vary the choice of materials that surround your contemporary cabinet in kitchen, such as using dark mahogany door for cabinets and let the stainless steel appliances stand out. Top the counter with granite countertops and opt for the bright color for the island.

And rather than focusing only with the contemporary kitchen cabinets, what about mixing the units with other storage options, such as open shelves? This will make a great combination that will work greatly particularly in a small kitchen. Floating shelves are always affordable so you can even cut down the total cost in revamping your kitchen while allowing you a chance to make an attractive display while keeping the kitchen clutter free—even stacks of bowls and plates can make an interesting piece to display in the kitchen!

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