Awesome Small Bedroom Design and Decorating Tips and Inspirations

Working on a small bedroom design really is challenging for one ultimate reason: how limited the space you can use is. Luckily, people are getting really creative today which also helps us to discover more of small bedroom interior design ideas worth eyeing and considering if you ever need to transform your small quarter into a totally comfortable and relaxing retreat of your dream. Today, we will share you not only small bedroom design photos, but also some ways you can try to improve the small bedroom of yours.

The key is on how to optimize the available space, no matter how tight or cramp the space is. Hence, a truly comfortable and inviting small bedroom design will be no longer a dream. Plan the small bedroom layout accordingly and assess how much space available for you to work with. Determine what furniture pieces you really need and plan the arrangement. Make use of the possible unoccupied room so you can store more items in the room without cramping the already small space.

Cool Small Bedroom Design and Decoration

Let’s start from the choice of bed—after all, the bed is always one single important piece for furniture in any boudoir, even if it is a small bedroom design we are currently talking about. While it is true that the big bed really is a tempting choice—well, who doesn’t want to get spoiled and pampered by a large bed with plush mattress?—you may need to reconsider your choice. When it comes to a small bedroom design, it is always recommended to keep everything open. Sadly, a huge bed may end up choking your small room, so a bed designed with small stature will make a much better choice.

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Do not be afraid when it comes to choosing what color to use for bedroom interior palette. While it is true that going light with small bedroom design is an effective way to help the room appear larger and airier, it does not mean going for the darker and richer colors is forbidden. Either way, you are not supposed to take a weak approach. Whichever your option is, whether it is an airy small bedroom with white interior or a bold, warm one featuring the use of chocolate brown wall, you shouldn’t be afraid. You can always go bold even in a small space without having to risk too much effort or money. But if you are still hesitant, combine light and black color to create the balance. The key is not to overdo the colors and limit the number of color in a palette you will be using.

After all, space is always the main consideration in any small bedroom design. This can become an issue when you want to expand the storage capacity, but you are running out of floor space. Take a look at the wall space, then, and see if you can install a wall shelf for your book. But if doing so is impossible, you still have other option: multipurpose furniture. This furniture option is never a bad choice to incorporate in the small bedroom design ideas since you can thus benefit from more functionality and practicality without having to cramp the room even further. Built-in storage under the bed or using a chest as nightstand with drawer can make your small bedroom a better place.

Making a Small Bedroom Design Great

There is another way you can do to make your small bedroom design looks lighter: allowing the natural light in. Whether it is only a small window or a large one, choose a window treatment that will allow plenty of sunlight entering the room. If privacy becomes your concern, you can choose one that can provide you both privacy and ability to shower the room with warm sunlight to enhance your small bedroom design.

And in a small bedroom where the natural light is limited, you can hang a mirror to trick the eyes. The trick is simple: place the mirror on the opposite side from where the light comes in. The mirror will reflect the light and create a window-like impression to brighten up your space. Apart from that, mirror can also double up the size of your small room visually—just be sure that your small bedroom design doesn’t end up overdoing it as it may overwhelm the space instead.

Last but not least, when possible, it is never a bad idea to complement your small bedroom design with custom furniture. Well, custom-made furniture doesn’t always have to be expensive, as long as you don’t get tempted in customizing the piece with elaborate decorative details. For example, rather than buying stock bed, the one with mounted nightstand and built-in drawers underneath will make a great choice to furnish your small space.

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