Bedroom Design Ideas for Men with Artistic Painting


Men and women have very different preferences in correlation with fashion and room design. Specifically, when we discuss about bedroom design ideas for men, rather than finding large variety of room accessories, you will only find simple and mostly have strong importance in use. The most common furniture belonging to men’s room consist of bed and its cover, working desk and chair, small cabinet, side bed lamp, and cupboard. Never more complex than that unless it is so special items that deserves to be included in their bedroom.

For those who currently looking for cool bedroom design ideas for men, we have an abstract artistically painting inspiration to decorate your adulthood bedroom. It is a big abstract painting with white and black combination that lay over the bed. It is a wide painting that fitly adjusted to reach ceiling. The bed itself is so stunning with spacious area to sleep, while the bedcover on it is also thick and cozy. It is fully covered in black color, an identically matching color with the painting.

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On the right and left side of the bed, there are side table lamps which directly face into the abstract painting. It seems that the painting take important role as focal view for the entire room. That black and white furniture has balance color composition with its background, a white wall. For convenient purpose, they put a soft leather floor carpet just below the bed. The overall looks reflect men’s personality that tend to be cool and masculine with its lack color variety, including dark blue, black, white, and grey.

It is a typical minimalist bedroom design considering its neat and simple color preferences. Moreover, that large floor-to-ceiling window is a supporting sign about this. Having large access to see beautiful scenery outside, it will help to refresh your mind. In addition, it is beneficial in order to give tricky wider impression and provide sufficient natural lighting. This way can be adapted in another bedroom design coming from small bedroom design ideas for menand elsewhere which facing the same matter.

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