Bedroom Design Ideas for Women for Purple-Addicts

Any girl will certainly love this top bedroom design ideas for women inspiration. This is typically apartment bedroom in a skyline building considering its large outside scenery beyond the windows. The bedroom is so beautiful and special. Specifically, it has very feminine color tone inside the entire room. Almost all items here are decorated with purple that indicates someone who live inside the room must be purple-addict. However, some items seem to have different color, pitch color. It is good since identical color for each single item will lead into boring situation.

Let we discuss some detailing part inside this purple bedroom. It might be beneficial in deciding what kind of decoration that suitable with bedroom design ideas for women. Yes, please check this out. First, let’s talk about its windows. Rather than using conventional flat shaped window, these rooms tend to choose more dynamic one, a rounded floor-to-ceiling corner window. It has clear views which make it possible to obtain sufficient natural lighting from sunlight. In front of the window, there laid a pair of working desk and chair. It is a white wooden crossed-legs desk with some storage locker which combined with cozy brown rattan chair.

On the desk, we can see some small accessories like flowery vase and glass flasks. To provide enough lighting at night, there is a pitch abstract motif table lamp. It has mostly identical design with that one that lay on the cabinet besides the bed. For functional purpose, there also a pitch sofa nears the doorway between bedroom and next room. At this stage, those detail description is rich of inspiration but haven’t touched the most special part in this bedroom. You are right, we almost forgot about purple matters.

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Can you mention what items do have purple color inside the bedroom? For ease of mentioning, let’s make it clear. First of all, we have purple satin curtain to generate elegant and lovely impression. This purple curtain also supports wall color, which consist of light purple and violet combination. Moreover, we have same color here with its floor carpet. Large light purple spring beds dominantly fill the space up and provide comfortableness during sleeping time. Those arrangements are great if you want to adopt it as one of your bedroom design ideas for women. Good luck!

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