The Best Materials and Types of Bathroom Flooring Ideas

Bathroom has wet surfaces and high humidity and it needs the right flooring. Most people focus the bathroom flooring ideas on their looks that are commonly supported by the material. Indeed, there are plenty numbers of bathroom flooring materials, but there are some of them that work well with the ability to weather the harsh conditions of the bathroom. Whether you are completing your bathroom interior or remodeling the old interior, you should have the following best materials.

Best Material for Bathroom Flooring Ideas

Tile is the first bathroom flooring ideas that you need to consider. Ceramic tile is commonly used for bathrooms. Ceramic has good quality in water resistance. In addition, there are some other reasons why you need to have this bathroom floor, including the range of prices that can meet your budgets. Ceramic tiles can be organized in lots of stunning patterns that you can do lots of customization to your bathroom interior. However, there are some drawbacks of ceramic tiles, such as cold feel underfoot, difficult to maintain, and slippery when wet.

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In addition to ceramic, there are some other bathroom floor tile ideas that you may find, including the travertine, granite, glass and porcelain. Tiles are great in look because there are infinite numbers of patterns that are possibly arranged by the tiles. You should keep in mind that you need to combine the material with wood inlay or limestone tiles to complete this one of bathroom flooring ideas. Especially if you work with granite that can be really slippery when wet. This combination will help you overcome this problem.

The other popular bathroom flooring ideas material is wood. It is a good warm bathroom flooring that may be better than the cold ceramic. It feels so comfortable underfoot. Besides, wood is versatile and always looks great for contemporary home interior, including for the bathroom interior. What you need to pay attention is that water that exists on the floor for long time can make serious damage. To prevent sweating on the floors, you can run a warm waterline and insulate the fixture.

Green materials are the next bathroom flooring ideas that you should see. You can either take the bamboo tiles or employ the cork tiles. They have similar caring to wood. Even somebody can’t differentiate bamboo from wood because bamboo flooring also has the look of wood. If you select the bamboo flooring in the name of eco-friendly approach, you need to ensure that it has formaldehyde free finishing. Cork will be a great choice of bathroom flooring ideas when you have hard surfaces. Cork is commonly used to create a nice quiet retreat.

Wood is undeniably so popular, but there are many people can’t afford it. Thus, there are some alternatives to wooden flooring to take. In addition to bamboo, you can also take the laminate bathroom flooring ideas. This can withstand the onslaught of the damp towels. It can be simply put in over the existing floor that makes that installation easy. Although laminate can have extremely similar look of the wood, it can’t imitate the warm feel presented by the natural wood. Besides, some people also find the laminate flooring is noisy.

For the most affordable bathroom flooring ideas, you can go with the vinyl flooring. The sheet vinyl is a good option to take because it is easy to install. In addition, it provides lots of patterns and colors. When presentation is a matter, vinyl is an interesting flooring material to take, but it usually has curl edges. You better avoid the peel and stick vinyl tile flooring because water may seep between the vinyl tiles and damage the sub-floor.

Trendy Types of Bathroom Flooring for Alternatives

There are some other flooring trends that you need to also consider, including the mix and match sizes, tile carpet and the heated floors. Mix and match sizes bathroom flooring ideas are about combining small and large small floor tiles. The staggered patterns will create an attractive look. You can also combine different shapes of the tiles, such as hexagonal, octagonal and rectangular. The next interesting idea is the tile carpet. Rug of tile is usually added surrounding the toilet, in front of the vanity or the step out of the shower. Having a continual tile will be a good idea.

There are some bathroom flooring ideas that offer stunning look and easiness in maintenance, but they are awfully cold. Thus, radiant heating comes as the alternative. You can use electric or hydronic system to warm up the floor. Electric system is economical and simple to install. The system is supported by the thin electric panel installed under the floor and revving up the temperature using thermostat and timer. On the other hand, hydronic system requires rubber tubing installed under the floor and hot water heater that heats up water circulated through the tubes.

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