Choosing the Round Dining Room Tables to Complement Your Eating Area

There are many options when it comes to choosing dining room table, and the dining table shape is one of them. And when it comes to choosing dining table based on the shape, the round dining room tables are one of the most popular options. Even though the round dining room table sets are not as popular as the rectangular ones, they have some advantages the rectangular and square dining room table cannot provide. Today, we will share some great information about round dining room tables to help you choose the right table size that will work perfectly in your room. Read on.

Choosing the Right Round Dining Room Tables

Just like when you are choosing a dining table of any shape, the size of the round dining room tables you plan to buy is very important. To decide the right round dining table size, there are two important things you need to take into account: the size of the dining room and the number of people you want to accommodate. In general, considering the size of the room is the first thing you need to do. It is because your dining room size will dictate the most fitting dining room table shape to use.

The round dining room tables are mostly recommended to use in a smaller dining room. It is because of the characteristics the round dining table has which will make a rectangular or even square dining room tables are a more awkward option to use in the room. Once you are ensured that the round dining table is the one that fits your dining room space and your needs the best, you can thus continue to choose the right dining table for you.

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But before we determine the size of your table, remember that there are some general rules of thumbs that will help you make your dining room a truly comfortable place for your family to gather while enjoying the delightful homemade meals. Bear in mind that you should provide enough space for a person to rise and push the chair back from the dining table comfortably—this usually will require to you allow a minimum of 36” between the round dining room tables edge and the wall, buffet, or such. The more is better.

When it comes to determining the right round dining room tables size to buy, you need to remember that a person needs a minimum of 24” of table surface. Even better, provide up to 30” to allow extra elbow room. The round dining table is available in various options of diameter size. The small round table with 36 to 48” diameter will seat 4 people comfortable. Meanwhile, the round dining room tables for 6 are supposed to have at about 60” diameter. The round dining room tables seats 8 are usually measured at 72” diameter and the diameter is larger if you are looking for round dining room tables for 10.

Another important consideration when you are buying new dining room table, including the round dining room tables, is the height of the table. Most of the times, the standard dining tables are measured at 30” high with the standard dining room chair height is 18” from the floor to the seat. This standard size will allow for comfortable leg and lap room. The rule of thumb says that you are supposed to provide 12” between the tabletop and the seat of the chair.

Comparing Round Dining Room Tables with Square Ones

You may be still in a dilemma in choosing either square or round dining room tables. Each of them has its own characteristics that make them different. When you are making a decision about which one to choose, you can consider first how to optimize the space in the room and maintain the intimate and close table conversations—after all, both of them are known for their ability to evoke chatters than what a rectangular dining room table can do.

In a square dining room, the square table can make a best option to maintain the proportion and balance in the symmetrical room. And just like what the round dining room tables are known for, the square tables are not so large that they may end up overpowering your dining area. A square dining table makes an ideal choice if you typically seat only four people so each of them can be positioned equidistant from others.

On the other hand, the round dining room tables are most suitable for smaller rooms. The rounded shape eliminates the sharp edges that allow for a better flow and movement around the table, even if your family has active little kids and pets. With a pedestal base, the round table can offer more legroom. You can consider buying an extendable round table if you occasionally accommodate more people at once.

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