How Small Bathroom Vanities Complete the Bathroom Design and Décor

We have gathered several savvy ideas that are applicable for small bathroom vanities. The ideas are unique and you may have never thought about them before starting from the common small bathroom storage ideas to the innovative small bathroom vanities with sinks designs. Everyone will need these ideas when they are working with their small bathroom and want some more unpredictable benefits. In fact, the following ideas offer you with some more advantages that you can’t get from the ordinary bathroom vanities and storages.

How to Complete Small Bathroom Vanities Design

There are number of elements that you need to add to your bathroom to complete the design. Small space of your bathroom sometimes becomes a problem. Yes, it is only an initial problem that you can overcome easily after you find these ideas. Talking about bathroom furnishing, one of the most important furniture pieces is vanity. It is where you store bathroom stuff and because you have small bathroom, the vanity should be also in smaller size without eliminating some basic and primary advantages of this furniture. There are plenty of unique designs of small bathroom vanities that you need to consider.

The first unique design is the small bathroom vanities with convenient stepstool. Yes, you may have the same bathroom with your kids. When the gap of your height and the kids’ height is significant enough, there is no creative idea of vanity design except by adding this smart stepstool. Indeed, you will not install a short vanity that is comfortable for the kids but make you bond yourself. With the pullout stepstool, you can make a high vanity not a problem for your kids. This step is savvy and a great alternative to a pad that can take a space in front of the vanity.

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There is another idea of small bathroom in vintage design. Simple sleek small bathroom vanities without storage only hold sink. It has opened bottom part that makes the room feels larger. Moreover, the vanities are in small size. The bathroom is with 2 single vanity with sink and because the small bathroom vanities are without storage, the storage system is supported by a cabinet storage tower. This cabinet is located between the two vanities. Traditional style design of the cabinet show enclosed shelves on top and some pullout drawers below. The cabinet is the place for everything while maintaining the vanities to have clutter-free, neat and clean look.

On the other hand, modern and contemporary bathroom designs are commonly completed with small bathroom vanities in floating design. The vanities are mounted on the wall with a space between them and the floor that makes a sense of more spacious bathroom. Compact design of the floating vanity with clever storage is what the current people need, while building a minimalist interior. It is perfect that the vanity creates a space illusion, offers compact storage system and, completed with, offers easy to clean space.

How to Complete the Bathroom Decoration

You should also realize that every element you add in the bathroom can represent stunning decoration, including the small bathroom vanities. You may find the most appropriate vanity designs that can be in free standing style, in floating design, without storages, or with open shelving. However, your job does not stop here. You should also consider the materials and colors of the small bathroom vanities. Just because wood is so popularly used does not mean you can’t employ vanities that are made from the other materials. The point is that you need to combine the colors and patterns of all the bathroom elements into a single beautiful unity of bathroom interior.

Wooden small bathroom vanities are perfect for natural themed bathroom interior. Wood is the best materials to represent natural look while offering warm atmosphere. With bold wood accents, the bathroom will feel so comfortable and relaxing. Commonly, this is completed with the other natural material, stone that can be for the flooring, countertop or backsplash. To strengthen the natural look, plantation or flowers are commonly invited or at least, you can also display the outside natural view.

Color is the other element of bathroom decoration. You can take the colored small bathroom vanities of complete the vanities with some colored accessories. Minimal splash of color will make a great fun in your small bathroom interior. You can add vibrant colored towel, curtain, mat and some other accessories. As the alternative, wallpaper is a great idea for current bathroom interior decoration.

Black and white forest wallpaper, for example, can be a nice background for the black and white bathroom furnishing. Tiling is another interesting idea to add texture, pattern and color. You can install honeycomb tiling for the underfoot, backsplash or wall. With some color combinations of the tiles, you will get something impressive completing your small bathroom vanities. Unique wall mirror and lighting fixtures can improve the presentation of the whole bathroom interior.

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