Stylish Modern Dining Room Sets Incorporating Beauty in Simplicity

There are plenty of options available if you ever want to furnish your dining room with modern dining room sets. As you may have noticed, there are seemingly unending possible options for dining room furniture set available on the market, and the same applies for the modern dining sets. You can choose from the modern formal dining room sets with either rectangular or round dining room table shape, to the choice between modern glass dining room sets and wood dining room sets.

After all, your dining room set is always the center of attention in any dining room interior design. Hence, make the most out of your choice of modern dining room sets since it can always help you to create a dining room of your dream, a place where you and family can gather in comfort while savoring the delicious homemade meals, while serving as a focal point and design statement for the room. Stylish and functional, the modern furniture sets for dining room can always become a mean to create a dining room of your dream!

Cool Modern Dining Room Sets

As we have mentioned earlier, the options available for the modern dining room sets are seemingly unending. You can always choose one that can fit your dining room space as well as your personal design style flawlessly. For example, if you have a long dining room, there are more than enough modern dining room sets featuring the use of long dining table out there to complement your dining space. But if your dining room is a smaller one, what about a modern dining set featuring the choice of round dining table instead?

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The choice of material also varies, even though wood seems to be the most popular option especially for the chair and dining table top complementing the modern dining room sets. However, the choice of good quality wood for the dining set can also be paired with other material option, such as metal dining table or chair legs in hairpin shape that reflects the iconic look of a mid-century modern furniture design style wonderfully. Alternatively, what about opting for a dining room set with thick glass table top instead? The transparent table top surface will allow the eyes to travel through the surface and see the amazing details of table base or legs. This also makes a great visual trick if you have a small dining room to furnish.

The modern dining room sets can also complement either formal or casual dining room design style. For the formal dining room where the elegance forms the main mood and atmosphere, the modern furniture set for dining room can still evoke the impressions even though the pieces of furniture are known for their minimalist and simple detail and style. As for the casual dining setting, you will never find the modern dining set a wrong choice even for a kitchen dining nook.

Modern Dining Room Sets Buying Guide

There is one thing you need to consider carefully before you go for the stylish modern dining room sets, though. It is how to choose the right dining room set according to the table size. Typically, the right size of modern dining room sets will be determined by the table size, which is determined by considering two important factors: the size of the room and the number of people you wish or regularly accommodate in the room.

Without a doubt, the size of your dining room will highly influence your choice about which modern dining room sets to buy. A large dining room will always find the traditional rectangular dining table a perfect match due to the minimum or non-existent issue regarding space consideration. Meanwhile, for a smaller dining room, the limited space available may require you to downsize the table or choose other table shape, such as square or round dining room table. Apart from that, do not forget that you are ideally to allow enough space for the occupant to stand up and push the chair back comfortably from table. This is usually measured at 36 inches, even though the wider, the better. This is probably one thing you may not need to worry so much for an informal dining space like kitchen nook.

Now is to determine the right table size for the modern dining room sets you are about to buy. Remember to provide each person at least 24 inches of table surface, even though 30 inches are ideal and optimum for more elbow room. If you use rectangular table, add another 12 inches at every end to accommodate those who are seated on the table’s head and foot. And last but not least, think about the table height to accommodate comfortable leg and lap room. The standard dining table height is 30 inches with chair height is usually 18 inches.

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