Universal Designed Bathroom Shower Ideas and How to Keep Neat

Have you ever heard about universal design shower? It is one of the current popular bathroom shower ideas. It has special design that enables everyone use the shower regardless of size, ability and age. This innovative design makes sure that the shower will be able to serve everyone for years to come from the young teens until they become adults.

Features of Bathroom shower ideas in universal style

The first feature of the universal bathroom shower ideas is seating. Sitting in the shower is relaxing and some people need this. You can recess a bench or install fold down seat and the users will be happy. However, there are also some others that don’t need seating. If you don’t need it, you can simply remove this feature or better install the fold down seat that you don’t use and the others use.

The next features of universal bathroom shower ideas are sprays and controls. Flexibility is the basic idea of the adjustable handheld shower spray. With this spray, you can slide on the wall mounted rod, lock into place and pull out on the retractable hose. It is important to meet the needs of the people using the shower whether they are short or tall and seated or standing. Shower control should be reachable from the shower seat and from outside shower. It should be easy to grasp and turn. You can keep the water temperature safe. You need to make sure that it is also safe for the kids.

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Wall niches are the next features of universal bathroom shower ideas. You will need these for your shampoo and soap. You should have one that is reachable by the kids and another one higher for standing adults. Lighting is the next feature of universal bathroom shower ideas. Lighting should be installed inside the shower and at the entry or any other places that will not be blocked by the bather. The lighting should not be dead center.

Flooring and walls are the other aspects to consider in universal bathroom shower ideas. The best flooring is one that is not slippery. Thus, you better select the bumbled stone. If you are interested in installing ceramic tiles to present stunning pattern, select the tiles that are without glossy finishing. Alternatively, you better take the mosaics or the other small pieces installed in a dense network of grout. Grout is good to add texture but it should be thin so that the floor surface is smooth. Tiling can be not only for the flooring, but also for the walling. Based on the bathroom shower ideas 2015 and the current bathroom shower designs, most shower walls are completed with decorative pattern. You can add different accent colors for the wall.

How to Make Modern Bathroom with Shower Look Neat

To make the bathroom shower completely comfortable, in addition to completing it with the above mentioned features, there are some bathroom shower ideas to be clutter-free. There are some simple tips to do that are mostly about storing things.

The first bathroom shower ideas to make the shower look neat is by providing the right spot to store shampoo bottles, soap bars, nail brushers, razors, and the other stuff. Each of them needs its own spot. Yes, they do need shelves or recessed niches for the accommodation. Organize them well based on the size. You need to keep in mind that there is no need to get fancy because expandable corner shelf can complete this job.

Winnow down. There are several numbers of items that you need in the bathroom. You must need shampoo and bath gels, but you actually only need one. This means that you should not put four bottles of shampoo on the shelves that will make some clutters. Add one shampoo, one bath gels, one cream, and so on and you will save more space. If it is already empty, take the new one and don’t forget to toss the empty bottles or containers. This is one of simple bathroom shower ideas that most people neglect.

Not only the place for those shampoo and soap, you need also special places for the towels. Clutters are commonly caused by the used towels that are haphazardly tossed over the curtain rod. This really looks disgusting. It is important to add hooks or racks inside your shower. Installing this stuff is one of important bathroom shower ideas that you need to do to keep the used towels in the right place without making untidy look. In addition to hang the damp towels, you can also hang the wet wash cloths.

The last bathroom shower ideas to make the shower look neat and clean is hiring suction mount dispenser. You can have one dispenser for the bath gel and another one for the shampoo. With these dispensers, you will not need to keep some bottles of shampoo and gel. They are more practical. Wall mounted installation will also save more space and maintain the bathroom interior clutter free look.

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